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Did you recently inherit some furniture from your family? Maybe you have an old living room set that you are trying to bring back to life. Is that upholstered chair still hanging on and just needs some TLC to give it one year in front of the TV.

You need our upholstery cleaning service, then.

We can remove stains made by wine, skin oils, lotions, coffee, food, dirt, grime, and almost anything else you can think of. Plus, our deep cleaning process eliminates 99.99% of the germs that reside on and below the surface of your furniture. Trust us, it's disgusting what you don't see and that's why we are here. 


We know you love that old armchair and footstool. Let us help you show everyone else just how beautiful it can be with our professional upholstery cleaning service. Call us to see how we can combine multiple cleaning services into a low-cost package for you today!

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