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Just like you begin cleaning your carpets, we start with a quick dry vacuum of the surface. Beyond picking up your belongings, there is no need for you to prep the area. We will remove any debris, loose dirt, dry foods, and small objects that will interfere with wet cleanings.


Our next step is to soak the carpets in the affected areas with hot water and a cleaning solution that will separate the stain from the carpet fibers. We then agitate the carpet area with our professional cleaning scrubbing machines for a deep clean.


Your carpet is then rinsed of any residues with clean water on multiple passes with our powerful pro wet vacuum. Additionally, we expedite the drying process in order to have your floors walkable in as little time as possible.


We recommend our clients use our cleaning process on a regular basis which is why we offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans. Of course, if there is an immediate need then we are happy to save the day with our on-call carpet cleaning service.

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